Terminus Books 
has made a 
commitment to 
giving readers what 
they want—cutting
edge novels that 
the major publishers 
won’t touch.

Submission Guidelines

We accept high quality literary  science fiction, fantasy, and horror novels only. If the prose isn't polished, we don't even want to look at it. We are a small press publisher and will only be publishing around two to three novels a year.


Send your first chapter and synopsis (double-space and standard font); include your email. If you're sending by snail-mail, include a self addressed stamped envelope (if you want your sample returned). You may submit the sample as an attached Word file by email, as well. In either case, expect a reply by email within a month.


Note: We do not publish books to make money and we have very little money to market your book (and no advertising money). If your book is accepted, we will have it available for sale through Amazon.com. It will be distributed as a print-on-demand book through Booksurge.com, a global marketing book printer (with distribution models in the United States and Europe.


If you want your book reviewed, submit the names and addresses of ten reviewers and we will submit review copies to them. 


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