An East Village

Quality science fiction, fantasy, and horror fiction

Peel $16  quality paperback
ISBN 0-9722893-4-8
(September 2003 release)

by Kirk Sigurdson

Meet Peel,”  an albino who plays drums in one of New York's most notorious rock bands. At first glance, he could pass for Ziggy Stardust with see-through skin and pale rose-colored eyes. But don't let the appearance fool you. Armed with a pair of Ray Bans, a generous coating of sun block, and a set of drumsticks in his back pocket, he stands braced on the edge of a new millennium.

    This latter day Odysseus skirts the quaking fault-line of social upheaval and myth, dipping is toes in liquid flame while contemplating the stars. And for the price of a song, he might be willing to take you on a dark journey of the soul, through backstage parties and back alley brawls, before confronting the most demented killer that the East Village ever produced.

Kirk Sigurdson is also the author of Cowslip. His writings have appeared in The Portland Review and Lovecraft Studies. He lives in Portland, Oregon, where he teaches writing. Kirk holds a Master's degree in English literature from NYU.

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