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New SF audio drama to be released by Terminus Books

DURANGO, Colo. – A new science fiction tale from the edge of space. It is
a renaissance age of space exploration as diplomats, dancers, explorers, ship captains, and their families populate a new frontier. “Letters from Orion” captures some of their messages to each other revealing the loneliness, fears, and wonder of humans trying to cope with a new way of life on the galactic frontier.

Kurt Lancaster, the author of “Interacting with Babylon 5” (Univ. of Texas Pr.), “Building a Home Movie Studio & Getting Your Films Online” (Billboard Books), and “Falling Towards Jupiter” (Terminus Books) has adapted his noted video-streaming website, “LettersFromOrion.com,” into an audio drama on CD.

“A lot of people have enjoyed the website,” Lancaster states. “But many asked for an audio CD version, something that they could put into their CD players while driving in their car.”

Lancaster hired actors to perform his words, combining compelling acting in a word-centered storytelling medium usually found on the stage or in novels.

“I wanted to combine the powerful elements of storytelling and acting found on the stage and in novels and translate it to an audio stage,” Lancaster says. “It tells several stories--all about what life would be like in a renaissance age of space exploration. No instant communications. It takes months before your messages reach home.”

A selection from “Letters from Orion” was presented at MIT’s Digital Cinema conference in Cambridge, Mass. Henry Jenkins, the director of MIT’s Comparative Media Studies program says that the story is “Powerful. It combines complex scripts and emotionally demanding performances.”

“Letters from Orion” is like any other story, but told in a new medium. I could have written the story as a novel or as a screenplay, but I chose the audio-book as the medium for the story, because it is best suited to the way I want the story to be told,” Lancaster explains. “I love the theater and have directed shows off-off Broadway. I wanted to discover what kind of story I could tell using actors in an audio-centered medium.

 December 2002, quality paperback, 72 pages and two audio CDs (1 hr 32 min) $17 (ISBN 0-9722893-2-1)
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