“We climbed, he first 
and I behind, until
through a small 
round opening ahead 
of us
I saw the lovely

things the heavens 
and we came 
out to see once more 
the stars.”

--Dante, Inferno

Quality science fiction, fantasy, and horror fiction


Falling Towards Jupiter trade paperback, 248 pages, $14
ISBN 0-9722893-5-6
July 2003
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Falling Towards Jupiter

the adventures of Katie Richmond

by Kurt Lancaster

All Katie wanted was to graduate from high school and enroll in the Space Academy . . .

The destroyer of worlds had other plans.

 Katie’s just like any other young woman on the verge of growing up: she falls in and out of love, sneaks out of her room late at night, goes to dances, gives change to the homeless, and writes letters to her aunt.

   But when she discovers a terrorist plot that threatens to destroy her way of life, Katie realizes that it’s up to her to save the world she knows—even if it means sacrificing everything she loves.

About the companion audio drama, Letters from Orion by Kurt Lancaster:

  • “Powerful. Combines complex scripts and emotionally demanding performances.   –Henry Jenkins,  MIT

  • We really liked the writing style. ... a very interesting narrative.-DFILM.com

  • ... a character-based story, whose participants spend as much time talking about their own personal regrets as they do facing the challenges of their shared quest.Science Fiction Weekly

Kurt Lancaster is the author of Letters from Orion audio-book (Terminus Books),  Interacting with Babylon 5 (Univ. Texas Press) and the co-author of How to Build a Home Movie Studio and Get Your Films Online (Billboard Books). He has taught Science Fiction and Shakespeare at NYU and MIT. 

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