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Terminus Books Publishes First Novel About Mad Cow Disease

DURANGO, Colo. - Jan. 6, 2004 /Send2Press Newswire/ -- Independent journalist Kirk Sigurdson uncovers the dangers and effects of the human variant of mad cow disease in his novel of tragic love, "Cowslip" (Terminus Books, LLC, www.terminusbooks.com). Based on extensive research, he explores what it's like to live with this disease through the eyes of a young rock star.

As Julia Fleischer puts the finishing touches on what could become the best selling album of the year, she's struck with "mad cow." She begins to see angels and demons. Doctors tell her these visions of "shadow creatures" stem from the disease, but she isn't sure. Could a damaged brain allow her to communicate with supernatural beings that most people may encounter only after death?

"Ultimately, it's a love story," says reviewer Paige Terneur, "but with a backdrop of hard-driving, cranked-up-to-11 music; afloat in gin and champagne . . . and always, always the shadow creatures just under the surface."

In the end, it takes the love of a best friend and the forgiveness of a father to ease her journey beyond. "What makes Julia's version of reality so compelling is the way the story is told," Terneur says. "It's conversational, natural, and highly personal."

"This novel is primarily about love," says the author, Sigurdson. "The way friendship can develop into romantic love, especially when it seems impossible, when the world is at odds with two people who desperately need each other."

Noted scholar S.T. Joshi, editor of several nonfiction books on literature, believes that this novel puts Sigurdson on the map in the world of cutting-edge fiction: "He makes a difference in American prose fiction of the twenty-first century. Weaving prose with unerring suppleness and force, Sigurdson sends readers on an emotional roller coaster that s hard to forget."

Kirk Sigurdson resides in Portland, Oregon, where he teaches writing. Cowslip is available at all bookstores (including amazon.com).

The book is distributed by Biblio Distribution, a division of National Book Network (www.bibliodistribution.com, 800-462-6420).

To receive a review copy of Cowslip (Terminus Books, 2002, ISBN:0-9722893-0-5, $14) contact the publisher, kurt@terminusbooks.com
To schedule an interview with the author, please contact Kirk Sigurdson at kirksig@mindspring.com

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